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We Don’t Just Welcome New Patients; We Welcome Families!

Family Happy To Be Welcomed To A Dental Practice

If you are on the search for the best dentist in Fayetteville, AR, and you search Google for dentists accepting new patients in the area, you will likely receive a number of results. Here are three things to consider when choosing a dentist to care for your family’s smiles.

#1 Will Your New Dentist Grow with Your Family?

At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we don’t just welcome new patients, but also encourage you to make your visits a family experience. Parents have many demands on their time and toting the kids to the local pediatric dental office cuts into free time parents can enjoy.

We welcome children from their very first dental visit ...

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It's Not Too Late to See the Dentist

dental cleaning fayetteville ar

If you are like many people in Fayetteville, you have probably put off going to the dentist at one time or another. Some of us even put off going to the dentist for years, really only 1/3 of Americans go to the dentist regularly.  When you stay away from the dentist you may feel as though you have too much tarter build up, or your gums bleed and teeth are loose, or that you don't know if anything is wrong and you suffer from toothaches.  You may wonder if it is too late to even see a dentist!

Advice from our Fayetteville Dental Office 

Well, Dr. Kifer and Dr. Bowen say this ...

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Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer Screening Fayetteville

Every year oral cancer will effect over 37,000 people in America.  Approximately 7,000 of these will die as a result of this aggressive disease.  Early detection is key for successful treatment.  Dr. Kifer and Dr. Bowen perform oral cancer exams at your regular dental hygiene visits to help their patients and protect them from the threat of oral cancer.

There are signs and symptoms of oral cancer, but the only way to detect and diagnose oral cancer involves an in-depth oral cancer screening.  Here are some things you can look for between office visits.

  • unexplained numbness/tingling in the mouth
  • hard to swallow or speak
  • check for lumps or bumps
  • red or white patches on the ...

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Why is Your First Dental Appointment so Important?

Dental Visit | First Exam Fayetteville

Are you new to the area, or have you recently decided to change dental homes? You may wonder why you can’t just go in for a traditional cleaning appointment and have “the usual” like you would at your old office. After all, you haven’t changed, right? What most patients don’t realize is that when you are new to us, we appreciate the opportunity to learn how to treat you the way you want to be treated! 

The truth is that even if you have your records transferred, they only tell part of your story. The rest of what we need to know comes from a dialogue between you and one of ...

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