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Can My Toothache Heal?

Tooth pain | Fayetteville AR Dentist

Dental pain is a tricky topic and warrants a trip to your Fayetteville, AR emergency dentist. The thing with dental pain is that it doesn’t usually go away without treatment and may worsen – fast. Severe dental pain can cause lost sleep, missed days at work, and can distract you from your daily tasks.

At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we treat dental emergencies as quickly as possible and if you call us at the first sign of a problem, we can usually treat you on the same day.

What Tooth Pain Means

It’s hard to pinpoint what dental pain means without a full exam. Dental pain may not always mean a serious tooth ...

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When Does Tooth Pain Require an Emergency Dental Appointment?

Emergency Dentistry | Fayetteville AR

The reason why dental emergencies are so tricky is that most dental conditions are silent, meaning they do not always have symptoms until the problem is quite well advanced. When pain does occur, it can slowly develop – first a twinge of discomfort and then becoming the type of pain that keeps you from thinking of anything else.

Simply put, if you have a toothache or swelling, it means that something is wrong that requires professional attention. In most cases, that means a trip to Northwest Arkansas Family Dental and an emergency exam.

Call Us if You Have Questions

If something just feels different and you feel you may have a developing dental ...

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How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentist | Fayetteville AR

Dental emergencies are a fact of life. Nearly everyone wakes up one morning with swelling and pain, and you probably already know someone who caught a fly ball with their teeth instead of their glove.

When the inevitable happens, it’s helpful to know that emergency dental care is just a phone call away! Call our Fayetteville dental office and we’ll assess the problem and get you in as soon as we can to get you patched up and relieve your pain.

Are you having a dental emergency?

These are the most common emergencies we treat. Learn what you need to do in these situations:

Abscessed tooth – You know you have an abscess if ...

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Baby It's Cold Outside!

Plants Iced Over

A common complaint during the cold winter season is sensitive teeth.  One out of eight people report tooth sensitivity, and that seems to get worse during the winter.  Sensitivity can be caused by several things… receding gums, clenching or grinding, cracked teeth, cavities, thin or weakened enamel, or bruising from trauma.  

When the tooth’s enamel wears, or the gums recede, tiny tubes in the dentin are exposed. These tubes are filled with something called dentinal fluid.  Sensitivity can be caused by the stimulation of that fluid and the person will normally experience short, sharp pain when those areas are exposed to hot or cold temperatures. 

We all learned in science class that ...

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