BOTOX Cosmetic in Fayetteville, AR

BOTOX fayetteville arHave you looked in the mirror recently and noticed more fine lines and furrows than you remember? Wrinkles are a natural part of aging but may make you feel self-conscious.  Some wrinkles are caused by facial expressions such as smiling, laughing, and concentrating that can create deep lines in your skin. We think you should be able to smile and laugh freely without concerns of causing deep lines or wrinkles!

If you would like a solution that does not involve surgery, Dr. Beth Bowen can help. He has introduced a service to help patients improve their appearance, reduce headaches, and treat TMJ muscle pain using an injectable that is both temporary and effective.

BOTOX Cosmetic Treatment 

Botox Cosmetic, or botulinum toxin A injection, attaches to your nerve endings and interrupts nerve transmission to the motor muscles of the face. Muscle contraction beneath the skin causes these dramatic wrinkles, and when the muscle contraction reduces, the skin becomes smooth again.

Dr. Bowen will help identify the areas you would like to address. The most common areas patients wish to target include the corners of the eyes, or “crow’s feet,” the corners of the mouth, known as “kitten whiskers,” and the lines between the eyebrows, also known as the “angry eleven.”

You can target one or all of these areas. Dr. Bowen will target the muscles that cause the facial movement and inject small amounts of BOTOX Cosmetic in those areas. 

What to Expect When You Have BOTOX Treatment

After treatment, you can resume normal activities, but you should avoid strenuous exercise or massaging your muscles for the rest of the day to allow BOTOX to work its way into your muscles. The injections are small and will likely only show a small dot, though minor bruising can sometimes occur.

In about a week, BOTOX will reach its full effectiveness. You will notice more relaxed muscles. You will still be able to smile, wink, and make facial expressions just like before. BOTOX helps your muscles to relax but does not make them completely paralyzed.

Over a period of several months, you will see lines decrease as your skin has the opportunity to smooth out due to the contraction relaxation that BOTOX induces. Its effectiveness lasts approximately four months and then you will need to have an additional treatment to maintain the results. Some patients report effectiveness for up to six months, especially after prolonged use. Results vary from person to person and depend on upon how much BOTOX is used for treatment.

botox treatment fayetteville arBOTOX for TMJ Muscle Pain and Headaches

We can also use BOTOX to reduce headaches and jaw pain caused by clenching and grinding your teeth. By using BOTOX in the jaw muscles, we can reduce the amount of force that you subconsciously exert while you sleep. You will still be able to eat normally.

Facial tension can cause headaches. Patients who opt for BOTOX treatment often report the welcome side effect of reduced headaches and facial pain.

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