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Improvements in Dental Technology

With so many dental offices available to you and your family today, one great way to choose your team is by taking a look at what technology is being used. Improvements in dental technology really can make a difference in how you experience your treatments, and in how effective your diagnosis and procedures are. Here are some of the best updates that you may see in a dental office:

  • Electric handpieces: Electric options for dental drills are much quieter, which helps with that drill sound that so many patients hate. Electric tools are also smoother and more effective. If you or your family members have dental anxieties, this ...

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February Oral Hygiene

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Dealing with Bad Breath

It doesn't matter if you are kissing your precious child, wife or husband, or a friend on Valentine's Day, no one wants stinky breath.  Face it no one wants to be kissed by someone with poor oral hygiene, Valentine's Day or not!  You should always keep your mouth healthy and clean by brushing twice a day and flossing once a day.  Dr. Kiker and Dr. Bowen recommend using a toothpaste with fluoride.  If you need a mint to help freshen your breath Northwest Family Dentist recommends looking for products with xylitol, this ingredient actually helps reduce chances of getting a cavity.  Dr. Kifer and Dr. Bowen also ...

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Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease

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Nearly half of Americans suffer from gum disease, which can cause major dental concerns. Yet, many of the early signs of gum disease may not become obvious until it has developed into periodontal disease. This is why it is important to see your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams. At Northwest Arkansas Family Dentistry, we take preventive care seriously and do our best to help our patients maintain their oral health before problems start. 

Gum Disease

Gum disease is often caused by poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, and illness. When bacteria and plaque begin to build-up on your teeth and isn’t removed regularly by brushing and flossing, it can start to push ...

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Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Your Smile

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Most people have at least one thing they would like to change about their smile whether it is whiter teeth, chip repairs, or replacement teeth. Cosmetic dentistry includes several procedures that can give you a more beautiful smile. At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we offer our patients in the Fayetteville, AR area simple quick fixes to full smile makeovers so everyone can have a smile they love. 

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You

  • Discoloration – One of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures done are in-office whitening treatments. In-office treatments generally work better than store-bought gels because they seep deep into the enamel to lift and remove stubborn stains. We use the ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry and Self Esteem

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A beautiful smile is often considered a person's most attractive attribute, so having a dull or unsightly smile can cause someone to have a lack of confidence or low self-esteem. Yet, with cosmetic dentistry, those living with a smile that isn’t perfect can get the smile they have always wanted. At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we know that a great smile is important and strive to give you the best cosmetic dentistry care in the Fayetteville, AR area. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Options in Fayetteville, AR 

  • Whitening – The most common complaint people have about their teeth is that they are discolored and stained. This is also one of the easiest issues to fix. ...

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Coffee Drinker?

Teeth Whitening Fayetteville AR | Coffee Drinkers

Now that the weather is turning a little cooler the need for that coffee increases.  The nice warmth as you hold that cup of coffee, and the rich aroma of all those flavors.Half of Americans start their day with a cup or more of coffee every day.  Many more people continue to enjoy that cup of coffee throughout the day.  Are you a coffee lover like me, how does that relate to our oral health? Northwest Family Arkansas wants you to take this quiz and see how it affects your dental well being.


1. True/False - Once you whiten your teeth, you can never drink coffee again.

2.  True/False- Those people that ...

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CAD CAM Dentistry

CAD CAM Dentistry Fayetteville AR

We are very excited here at Northwest Family Dentist, Dr. Kifer and Dr. Bowen can offer crowns in one visit for most patients.  CAD/CAM dentistry is a specific field of dentistry that uses computer design and manufacturing technology to address various types of restorations.

What is CAD CAM Dentistry?

If the thought of making multiple trips to the dentist to fix a tooth problem, Dr. Kifer and Dr. Bowen have the solution for you.  Using the CAD/CAM technology to make your visit as pain-free and time sensitive as possible.  Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, uses this technology to create a ceramic inlay, onlay, or crown that fits your tooth perfectly in one visit.

How ...

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