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Will Porcelain Veneers Improve My Smile?

Veneers | Fayetteville AR

You may hear a lot of talk these days about dental veneers and smile makeovers. In fact, many of the most dazzling smiles in Hollywood may have had help with dental veneers or other cosmetic dental treatments. 

Veneers can dramatically improve your smile. In fact, if you have worn, cracked, chipped, or deeply stained teeth, dental veneers might be the best bet to address all of those problems at once. In fact, dental veneers also help address problems with crooked teeth and misplaced teeth, making them all appear uniform and youthful. 

What Are Porcelain Veneers? 

Unless you have the benefit of working in a dental office, you probably have never seen a ...

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What? I Need a Crown?

Dental Crown | Fayetteville AR Dentist

Patients are often surprised when we recommend a dental crown, especially if they take excellent care of their teeth. A crown doesn’t always mean that you have done something wrong, sometimes your teeth crack or become unstable because of circumstances outside of your control – like your bite. 

Dental crowns are necessary in a variety of situations. If you have deep decay, cracks, fractures, or if your tooth has had a root canal, you might benefit from a dental crown. Crowns fit over your tooth completely, offering additional support when you chew.

How about a Filling Instead? 

Fillings provide a different solution than dental crowns. Fillings, much like their name suggests, fill in ...

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Why is Your First Dental Appointment so Important?

Dental Visit | First Exam Fayetteville

Are you new to the area, or have you recently decided to change dental homes? You may wonder why you can’t just go in for a traditional cleaning appointment and have “the usual” like you would at your old office. After all, you haven’t changed, right? What most patients don’t realize is that when you are new to us, we appreciate the opportunity to learn how to treat you the way you want to be treated! 

The truth is that even if you have your records transferred, they only tell part of your story. The rest of what we need to know comes from a dialogue between you and one of ...

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Is Professional Teeth Whitening Safe?

Professional Teeth Whitening | Fayetteville 72703

Having stained teeth can make you feel self-conscious about smiling and since your smile can be your greatest asset and the first thing people notice about you, feeling self-conscious about it can really hold you back.

Patients often come to us wanting to improve the appearance of their smiles, but feel hesitation because of rumors they may have heard about teeth whitening and problems that it can cause. Many whitening mishaps and mixed results come from over-the-counter products that are not as reliable or effective as those you can get from your dentist.

At our Fayetteville dental office, we did extensive research on behalf of our patients to find the best whitening ...

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What Causes Jaw Pain?

What Causes Jaw Pain | Fayetteville AR Dentist

When patients come to us with jaw pain, we start by performing a complete examination of your jaw joints, muscles, teeth, bite, and gums. All of these areas can provide clues as to why you might experience jaw pain. Sometimes patients come to us knowing they clench and grind their teeth, while other times, their symptoms have no immediate explanation.

At our Fayetteville dental office, we take a comprehensive approach to dentistry. We understand that a number of factors can cause jaw pain and that each patient is completely different in their needs and their medical history.

Problems of the jaw extend beyond TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder) and can include your ...

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What Really Causes Cavities?

Cause of Cavities | Fayetteville AR Dentist

As kids, our parents told us that sugar caused cavities. While some truth exists in that statement, it implies that if you avoid sugar, you can avoid cavities and that is just not the case. In fact, starchy foods that collect in the grooves of your teeth convert to sugar when partially digested by your saliva and so seemingly harmless foods such as corn flakes and bagels can actually cause as much, or more, damage.

Food and beverages play a role in decay, especially anything that sticks in the grooves of your teeth, but that is just one aspect of dental decay. Your tooth anatomy plays a large role in whether ...

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What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism | Fayetteville AR Dentist

Bruxism is a somewhat technical term that we use to describe a fairly common problem – chronic clenching and grinding of your teeth.

You’ve probably clenched your teeth before out of frustration or ground your teeth together during a stressful time, but if it only happens periodically, it’s not a big deal. It’s when it happens frequently that it can become a serious problem that affects your oral health.

Why Does Clenching and Grinding Occur?

You might clench and grind your teeth for a few reasons. As noted, stress can definitely be a contributing factor, especially if the stressful situation continues for a long period of time.

Another contributor to bruxism can be a ...

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