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Fayetteville Animal Shelter

Little Girl & Dog

We are so happy to announce our summer charity event!

We will be collecting for the Fayetteville Animal Shelter


You can drop off dog or cat related items to our office June through July.

Once you donate you will be entered into a raffle for some great prizes from awesome local businesses!

We can’t wait to make some dogs and cats happy while they wait for their forever home!


Raffle prizes include - 

Pet beds from The Whole Pet

Free wash from Bark and Paws

Pet toys from Pet Smart

$200 value gift basket from West Oaks Animal Hospital

$75 gift card to ...

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Oral Cancer Awareness

Oral Cancer Awareness | General Dentist Fayetteville AR

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month.   Oral cancer is defined as any cancer that forms in tissues of the oral cavity (the mouth) or the oropharynx (the part of the throat at the back of the mouth).  According to the National Cancer Institute, over 40,000 cases are estimated to be diagnosed in 2014, with over 8,000 deaths estimated.  Oral cancer is more common than Leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease and other cancers of the brain, liver, bone and stomach. 

Cancer begins in the cells.  Normally these cells grow, divide, and/or die as the body requires.  Cancer cells don’t behave as normal cells; the old cells don’t die, and new cells are formed even ...

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How Does What You Eat Affect Your Oral Health?

Eating & Your Oral Health | Man Biting An Apple | Northwest Arkansas Family Dental

Did you know that you may be able to prevent two of the most common diseases, tooth decay and periodontal disease, by simply improving your diet?  Tooth decay happens when the teeth and other hard tissues of the mouth are compromised by acid products.  There are certain foods and combination of foods that are linked and associated to higher levels of cavity causing bacteria.  This does not mean that poor nutrition directly causes periodontal disease and tooth decay, but researchers believe that the diseases may progress more quickly and is more severe in patients whose diet does not involve healthy nutrients.  Not only does poor nutrition affect your mouth, it ...

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February is Children's Dental Health Month

Little Girl At The Dentist | Kid'd Dentist Fayetteville AR


National Children's Dental Health Month is celebrated in February, and is meant to raise awareness about the importance of good oral health.  Tooth decay is the most common chronic and transmissible disease, and this is especially expressed in children.  More than 40% of children age 2-11 have had a cavity in their primary (baby) teeth, and more than two thirds of teenagers age 16-19 have had a cavity in their permanent (adult) teeth.  The good news is that there are safe and effective ways to protect our teeth.  Good oral hygiene practices and dental sealants are two strategies to help prevent tooth decay in children and teens.  

Tooth decay is ...

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Baby It's Cold Outside!

Plants Iced Over

A common complaint during the cold winter season is sensitive teeth.  One out of eight people report tooth sensitivity, and that seems to get worse during the winter.  Sensitivity can be caused by several things… receding gums, clenching or grinding, cracked teeth, cavities, thin or weakened enamel, or bruising from trauma.  

When the tooth’s enamel wears, or the gums recede, tiny tubes in the dentin are exposed. These tubes are filled with something called dentinal fluid.  Sensitivity can be caused by the stimulation of that fluid and the person will normally experience short, sharp pain when those areas are exposed to hot or cold temperatures. 

We all learned in science class that ...

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Merry Christmas!

Santa Ornament

It’s Christmas time, and we all know what that means!  Lots of family, food, fun… and a LOT of extra sweets!  We enjoy holiday treats as much as anyone, so we thought we’d give you some tips on keeping you smiling and your teeth healthy this holiday season.

Snacking throughout the day can lead to more tooth problems.  Try to eat the extra treats at meal times, rather than munching throughout the day.   When we eat, the sugars in our foods are broken down by the bacteria and turned into acid.  It is the acid attack that causes the damage (decay) to our teeth.    Grazing means that your teeth and gums ...

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Caring for Your Child's Teeth

Little Boy Smiling With Healthy Teeth | Northwest Arkansas Family Dental

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 25% of children age 2-5 years old have cavities.  In fact, pediatric dental disease is the primary reason for children's visits to the ER each year.   

So how can you help reduce your child's risk for cavities?  We've got a few tips to help you out!  

Your child should start seeing the dentist early... around the time their first teeth start erupting and definitely before they turn one!  Their first visits will be pretty simple.  We're just checking development, looking for visual signs of decay and educating the parents.   You can also bring your child with you to routine dental ...

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