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3 Ways That Veneers Will Dramatically Change Your Smile

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If you’re considering a procedure to give yourself a radiant grin, you’ve come to the right blog! Anyone interested in cosmetic dentistry in Fayetteville, AR, should reach out to our practice to learn more. The dentists at our office are experts when it comes to dramatically changing smiles, and veneers are one of the easiest ways to accomplish this!

So what exactly are veneers? They are slim, custom-made porcelain laminates that bond to your front teeth, giving your mouth a striking and attractive makeover. Here are only three of the many ways that veneers will dramatically change your smile for the better:

Uniform Teeth

If your teeth are crooked, broken, or worn down, ...

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Can Whiter Teeth Boost Your Confidence?

Teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after dental procedures because it’s non-invasive and can improve your chances for success in your relationships and in the workplace. It’s simple; whiter teeth make you look better, but feeling better is really where it’s at! At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we aren’t just saying that either. Read on!

Success in the Workplace

Teeth become discolored for any number of reasons, and black coffee, tea, and wine are only a few of the culprits. Even some antibiotics taken long term can cause discoloration, and whiter teeth really do help you in the workplace. According to one comprehensive, three-part study, almost 60 percent of participants were ...

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3 Reasons Why it Isn’t Too Late to Have a Straighter Smile

Adults often avoid orthodontic treatment because braces are unappealing for many professionals or patients who have active social lives. You might have felt unhappy about your smile since you were a kid, or you might have failed to wear a retainer after having braces as a kid. 

It is important to remember that you are never too old for a straight, beautiful smile. Just ask your cosmetic dentist in Fayetteville for the facts.

#1 Straight Smiles Are Healthier

Overlapping and crowded teeth are more difficult to keep clean. As a result, cavities and gum disease can develop. Misaligned teeth also create issues with the bite and jaw comfort.

By opting for braces or clear ...

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5 Advantages of Invisalign over Traditional Braces

If you are a patient who wants a straighter smile, you might consider opting for Invisalign clear braces in our Fayetteville dental office. When adults choose to undergo orthodontic treatment, one of the biggest obstacles holding them back is the idea of wearing brackets and wires for years on end to achieve a straight, healthy smile, which is why Dr. Wade Kifer proudly offers Invisalign clear braces at Northwest Arkansas Family Dental.

According to our patients, here are the top five benefits of Invisalign.

#1 Invisalign Braces Are Completely Clear

Unlike metal or ceramic braces, Invisalign uses a thin, plastic aligner to gradually shift teeth into alignment, achieving a beautiful smile and improved ...

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3 Ways That Dental Implants Improve Your Life

Smiling couple | Northwest Arkansas Family Dental

When considering the best way to replace a missing tooth, choosing a top dentist in Fayetteville, AR can make the difference between a smile that makes your life better, or a smile that requires constant upkeep and repair.

Many of our patients have told us that dental implants have improved their lives in a number of ways. Here are the top three:

Dental Implants Give You Your Smile Back

Tooth loss leaves a gap in your smile, and depending on where that gap is located, you might feel embarrassed about smiling. Dental implants match your natural smile with realistic color and shading. You can smile confidently knowing that no one will notice that ...

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Does TMJ Treatment Hurt?

Man with Jaw Pain | Northwest Arkansas Family Dental

If you have a painful jaw, the last thing you will want is to have someone poking around or increasing your discomfort. When treated in the early stages of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD or jaw pain), the treatment is typically noninvasive and will relieve or decrease pain within a week or two. We offer treatment of TMD, or painful jaw joints, in our Fayetteville dental office.

Oral Appliance Therapy – Occlusal Splints and Nightguards

Occlusal splints and nightguards are similar oral appliances made of durable acrylic and custom-designed to fit your teeth perfectly with a thin frame and snug comfort. 

While both are typically worn at night, a nightguard is designed to keep ...

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3 Signs That Mean You Should Consider a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Man in Dentist Chair | Northwest Arkansas Family Dental

Sometimes patients feel that their dental health is so far gone that nothing can be done to make their teeth hurt less or look nice again. Our team at Northwest Arkansas Family Dental are here to give you hope – and a new smile that looks and feels fantastic.

It’s never too late for full mouth reconstruction in our Fayetteville dental office. While it might seem like a big undertaking, full mouth reconstruction simply means that we approach dentistry with a whole-health approach to restore appearance and chewing function, and to eliminate sensitivity and pain.

Your Teeth Are Worn or Short

One of the most common signs that full mouth reconstruction is that ...

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