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Can My Toothache Heal?

Tooth pain | Fayetteville AR Dentist

Dental pain is a tricky topic and warrants a trip to your Fayetteville, AR emergency dentist. The thing with dental pain is that it doesn’t usually go away without treatment and may worsen – fast. Severe dental pain can cause lost sleep, missed days at work, and can distract you from your daily tasks.

At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we treat dental emergencies as quickly as possible and if you call us at the first sign of a problem, we can usually treat you on the same day.

What Tooth Pain Means

It’s hard to pinpoint what dental pain means without a full exam. Dental pain may not always mean a serious tooth ...

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Staying Healthy as a Senior - 6 Tips You Should Know

Oral Health as a Senior | Fayetteville Arkansas

We value all of our patients and tailor our preventive dentistry recommendations in our Fayetteville, AR dental office to support your needs as they change throughout your lifetime. Seniors are our valued patients who are often overlooked as patients who require a little additional TLC to maintain their oral health.

Here are some tips and ways that we keep our cherished seniors healthy and smiling.

The Oral-Systemic Connection

As we age, we become more susceptible to common medical problems – arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Did you know your oral health can impact the health of your body? Recent research shows that periodontal disease contributes to everything from Alzheimer’s disease to ...

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Don't Let TMJ Damage Your Quality of Life

TMJ Therapy | Dentist Northwest Arkansas

If you regularly awaken with jaw pain, headaches, or sensitive teeth, you may be clenching and grinding your teeth, also called bruxism. When patients experience bruxism for a lengthy time, jaw dysfunction may develop.

Jaw pain and dysfunction, called TMJ, or more accurately, TMD – temporomandibular joint dysfunction – can have a severe impact on your quality of life. Living with pain can deplete your energy, disrupt sleep, and limit the foods you can comfortably eat.

A recent article outlines some ways to combat TMJ pain at home, which may help relieve the symptoms of TMD. Unfortunately, these exercises only provide a temporary fix, and the problem still exists and disrupts healthy jaw ...

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Dental Anxiety and Your Child: It's Not the End of the World

Child Brushing Teeth | Children Dental Anxiety in Fayetteville AR

Dental anxiety affects millions of Americans but it’s not something we are born with, it’s a fear that people learn through a negative experience or because it is passed down by their parents Unfortunately, dental anxiety can keep people from seeking dental care they need to stay healthy, which has a negative impact on their overall health and may even impact self-confidence.

Avoiding dental anxiety when it comes to your kids involves just a few key points.

Start Early

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first dental appointment by their first birthday. This gives kids an opportunity to become familiar with the dental office early and that they ...

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Considering Veneers? 3 Reasons to Go for It

Big Smile | Reasons for Veneers 72703

If you wish you had a perfect smile, you might have discovered the versatility of porcelain veneers as you researched cosmetic options. Veneers are a great way to have your dream smile with one procedure. If you are considering porcelain veneers, here are three reasons you should go for it.

Beautiful Results That Look Natural

Because of advancements in dental technology and materials, porcelain veneers look more attractive and natural than ever before. Not only do they have realistic shading, but they also have a translucent appearance that resembles a real tooth. When done properly, porcelain veneers will complement your smile and appear seamless.

If you want whiter teeth, we may recommend ...

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5 Things Every American Should Know about Dental Insurance

dental insurance fayetteville ar

Considering that barbers used to be in charge of dentistry, performing extractions alongside haircuts and straight shaves, oral care has come a long way. Now dentistry is a serious profession all its own and in order to become a dentist, candidates are subjected to the same rigorous training as medical doctors. This makes sense, of course, since dentists are doctors for the mouth and jaw.

If you have dental insurance, you probably noticed that when you need your six-month cleaning, dental insurance is great – it may even cover the cost of your entire cleaning, exam, and x-rays. If you break a tooth, however, you might have noticed that is where ...

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Why Do My Teeth Look Small?

Smiling Woman | Small Teeth Fayetteville

If your teeth look smaller than they used to, or if they appear worn down all the way across, you may have a condition called bruxism. Bruxism is characterized by grinding or clenching the teeth. This typically occurs during sleep but can happen during a particularly stressful day or when you are concentrating.

Long-term bruxism may lead to excessive wear of the teeth. Not only does this impact your appearance but it also exposes dentin, making the teeth feel more sensitive. If your back teeth become worn, they may not be effective at chewing anymore and your bite may come together differently than it used to, making for painful jaw joints.

Wearing ...

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