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Is a loose dental implant an emergency?

We never want a dental restoration to go awry. In most instances, dental implants enjoy a long and healthy relationship with your jawbone and tissue.

Unfortunately, few things in life are always guaranteed. If your dental implant has become loose or has fallen out, please let your emergency dentists at Northwest Arkansas Family Dental know right away.

How to Know Your Dental Implant Needs Attention

It might sound pretty self-explanatory when it comes to determining a loose dental implant, but there are multiple symptoms you should be aware of:

  • Movement of the dental implant
  • Pain while eating or biting down
  • Bleeding gums
  • Sunken gums
  • Discoloration
  • Loose dental crown

Call Us During a Dental Emergency

Dental implants are supposed to permanently restore a missing tooth. While they have a 95 percent success rate, there is always a possibility that something might not be right.

Until we determine the cause of your loose dental implant, it's recommended that you come to see us right away. We may need to simply retighten a loose dental crown or address ongoing bone loss. 

Dental emergencies, especially painful ones, are always signs to see your Fayetteville, AR emergency dentist right away. Oral health situations rarely correct themselves and often get worse without treatment. 

Don't Hesitate to Come to See Us

We will always make time to see our patients, especially if they need immediate dental supervision. Never hesitate or try to wait it out; call us right away!

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