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How long do dental implants last?

If you're living with a failing or missing tooth, it's wise to consider a replacement option as soon as you can. Dental implants are the best option dentistry has to offer for missing Dental implants fayetteville arteeth because they replace both your tooth and your root. They're also the most durable and reliable replacement option, boasting a 95% success rate. With regular dental checkups and excellent home care, your implant can potentially last for a lifetime, making it a very cost effective choice. No other options offers these benefits.

Dental implants in Fayetteville restore your root with a biocompatible titanium post, and your tooth with a high quality porcelain crown. The titanium post naturally integrates with your bone, which serves to keep it healthy. The crown delivers all the function of a natural tooth, while filling the open space so your healthy teeth don't start shifting. Because a dental implant closely mimics your natural tooth, it truly protects the integrity of your oral health.

If you're about to lose a compromised tooth, or you're already living with a missing tooth, you understand the challenges this presents for quality of life. We encourage you to contact our Fayetteville AR dental office today to learn more about your options. 


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Dental Implants For Missing Teeth
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