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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to shift, making speaking and eating difficult, and even lead to more tooth loss down the line. We do not want these things to happen to you!

At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we replace missing teeth in Fayetteville, AR regularly, and our new patients have been pleased and pleasantly surprised by how easy and painless tooth replacement can be, especially dental implants.

Our process for dental implants in Fayetteville, AR finds your dentist gently implanting a replacement root into your jawbone. This takes place only after the area is sufficiently numb. Our patients often compare implant placement to the same level of discomfort experienced with a dental filling—pressure but not pain, mild soreness for a few days but not a toothache.

If you experience anything other than mild soreness following implant placement, we encourage you to contact a member of our dental team.

A dental implant is a thin post of sturdy titanium that takes the place of your tooth’s root. It is surgically implanted in your jawbone. After several months, it bonds with your jawbone and is ready for a dental crown or replacement tooth.

If you would like to schedule a dental implant consultation, contact a helpful team member today.

If you have suffered tooth loss, you know that it can be difficult to laugh and smile with confidence. Chewing food and speaking correctly can be a chore. You may have even learned that tooth loss puts you at risk for additional tooth loss.

You’ve probably considered dental implants or other ways to replace missing teeth in Fayetteville, AR. Perhaps you’ve wondered how long it takes to get dental implants.

Though it may take a little longer for dental implants compared with other tooth replacement options, it’s important to remember that dental implants are different. They are more than tooth replacement options; they are an investment in your smile, and the only option that replaces your tooth and your root. Also, unlike other options, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care—regular dental visits and daily brushing and flossing.

The Dental Implant Process 

Dental implants start with a consultation. If you are considered a good candidate, your dentist implants small but strong replacement roots in your jaw. Over several months, these roots integrate with your jawbone, creating a solid foundation for your replacement tooth.  

If you’re looking for dental implants in Fayetteville, AR, contact a friendly member of our dental team today to schedule an exam and chat.

Image of a dental implantA dental implant is the closest thing we have to replacing a missing tooth. When you lose a tooth, you not only lose the part of the tooth that you can see (the crown), but you also lose the root of the tooth that is in the bone. The bone in your jaw has a purpose and that is to hold your teeth. When you lose your tooth, the bone loses its purpose and starts to disappear.

How do dental implants work at Northwest Arkansas Family Dental?

That is where a dental implant comes in. We place a small titanium screw into your jaw bone to replace the root of the tooth and put a porcelain crown on that to replace the crown of your tooth. This not only gives you back a tooth but also preserves the bone so that you don't get a caved-in look in the area where you lost the tooth.

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Feel free to call for a no-cost consultation on dental implants. We will sit down with you and go over all the available options for replacing missing teeth.   

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