Children's Dentistry in Fayetteville, AR

A parent’s first concern for their child is their health, closely followed by their happiness. At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we know how important it is to find excellent dental health care providers so that your children can excel and succeed in adulthood and life.

Part of a person’s success and happiness in life lies in their smile—their ability to convey warmth, sincerity, and connection. Poor oral hygiene can dull the beauty in a smile and can lead to dental problems that may cause stress or pain, even tooth loss.

Our children’s dentist in Fayetteville, AR, work as a team with parents to introduce your child to the world of good oral health. We work hard to ensure that children feel comfortable and relaxed; our dental atmosphere is friendly and safe. At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we make dental visits convenient and time-efficient by seeing all members of the family on the same day.

We always welcome new patients of all ages, including your littlest family members! We especially love treating children—it is never too early to start walking your child down the road to healthy, strong smiles.

We cherish our time spent with kids, and many of our team members are parents themselves, so we understand that giving your little one the best care is important.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

To ensure a lifetime of good oral health, your child’s dental care routine needs to start early. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your child should have their first dental appointment by their first birthday.

This early opportunity gives us the chance to communicate with you, the parent, and familiarize your little one with the dental office environment. We give all children a fun ride in the dental chair, a gentle oral exam, and we let them observe the dental instruments that we use, including looking into the little mirror.

Together, we count your child's teeth—we love making each visit a fun adventure. We give each child time to ask any questions or voice any concerns during their first visit to their kid’s dentist in Fayetteville, AR. 

We will also share valuable information about what to expect as your child grows. We can spend time talking about common habits such as bottles and thumb sucking as well as nutritional tips to keep your child’s primary teeth as healthy as possible. We can go over proper brushing techniques, which are essential to start excelling at early.

We educate parents on the value of keeping your child's baby teeth clean, so they don't fall out before they're meant to. In fact, baby teeth play a crucial role in your child's oral development. Not only do baby teeth help your child begin to process solid foods, but they also are instrumental in speech development.

Furthermore, they act as placeholders for permanent teeth by holding space for them until they are ready to emerge properly. When a baby tooth falls out before the permanent tooth is ready, neighboring teeth will start to shift towards the gap. This can present a problem when the permanent tooth beings to emerge but doesn't have enough space—often leading to overcrowding or alignment issues. 

For these reasons, we encourage parents to visit us regularly so we can observe your child's baby teeth and ensure that things are developing as they should.

Pediatric Dentistry through All Stages of Development

Dr. Wade Kifer sought out additional training at Children’s Hospital of Colorado and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to gain further knowledge and experience in childhood dental development and treatment. Dr. Kifer believes the most important qualities to consider when finding a dentist for your child is the dentist’s experience and comfort level with treating children as well as communicating the child’s needs to the parent.

Each child will have a different comfort level with dental appointments. That comfort level often fluctuates with different developmental stages, so having a dentist that is comfortable working through each stage with the child and explaining treatment needed to the parent is essential. If you are ready to schedule your child’s first dental appointment with our dental office in Fayetteville, please give us a call today at (479) 310-8945.

Ongoing Pediatric Dental Care

Throughout your child’s different growth stages, we will tailor their oral care treatment to match their dental needs, individual oral health level, and level of comfort. If dental restorations like dental fillings are needed, we always treat your precious little ones with a level of care and compassion we have for our very own children.

Gentle dentistry is vital to us, and no dental procedure should be stressful; we provide a pain-free and stress-free experience for you and your child. Communication with parents is always a number one priority! At each appointment, we will share what we see and work with you to maintain your child’s happy, healthy smile.

Implementing preventive care such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments alongside regular dental cleanings and exams can help to avoid dental decay. Using digital x-rays and tracking oral health changes allow us to treat and heal many dental issues that present early enough so that they easy to treat!

Partnering with parents allows your child to have an incredible start to maintaining a healthy smile for a lifetime.

Protecting Your Child from Tooth DecayFour children holding hands l Children's Dentistry Fayetteville AR

Tooth decay is a major concern that brandishes its ugly head throughout childhood. The good news is that many steps can be implemented in the safety of your own home to protect your child from tooth decay.

One of our main steps is educating your family about nutrition and diet, and how both are linked to your general overall health as well as your oral health. A fruit- and vegetable-rich diet helps protect teeth from tooth decay by increasing saliva flow and neutralizing acids in the mouth. Conversely, a diet loaded with sugars increases bad bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease—along with a myriad of potential health hazards.

We encourage parents to lead by example by showcasing how to brush and floss daily, and it allows parents to observe their child’s brushing techniques and how consistent their dental cleaning habits are. An important step in monitoring your child’s dental health is scheduling regular visits to your dentist in Fayetteville.

As your child gets older, your kid’s dentist in Fayetteville may recommend dental treatments to keep your child’s teeth strong and to prevent cavities, tooth decay, or infection. Some of these dental procedures may include:

Dental sealants—This involves a thin coating to the surfaces of your child’s teeth in order to seal out bad bacteria and prevent tooth decay

Supplemental fluoride—While your child may already be getting enough fluoride through water, food, and fluoridated toothpaste, your Fayetteville dentist may recommend a topical fluoride treatment to further protect and strengthen their teeth

Sports guards—If your child is active, we may recommend a customized mouth-guard that protects their teeth from injury. In fact, nearly half of all childhood dental emergencies are sports-related.

We always monitor your child’s oral development, and we may suggest orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth if the time is right. Some children may benefit from early orthodontic treatment in order to make space for overcrowded teeth or to correct overbites or underbites.

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