KöR Whitening – Deep Bleaching in Fayetteville, AR

woman with gleaming, bright smile I KOR teeth whitening in fayetteville arBleaching is something that we really struggled with for a long time in our practice. We don’t believe in “selling” something just because we can. The results with bleaching were always hit and miss, and our practice really focuses on quality and customer service, so having inconsistent results was not something that we could really stomach. After much research and study, we found the best bleaching system out there. Bleaching is not some magical thing that just happens. When you use the science and technology along with great attention to detail, you get results!

Why KöR® Teeth Whitening?

We’ve looked at other systems, and we truly believe that this is the best system out there (and we believe that our patients deserve the best!).

KöR® is able to remove a remarkable array of stains – even some stains that can’t be removed with other systems. The treatment produces beautiful, natural looking results with little to no sensitivity and is easy to use. We also love that the system is perfectly safe and is appropriate for nearly all of our teenaged and adult patients.

How Does KöR Work?

Your teeth whitening program begins when you call our office to schedule your consultation with Fayetteville dentists Dr. Kifer, Dr. Johnson. We’ll examine your teeth and discuss your goals with you to make sure that teeth whitening can give you the results you want. 

We may also recommend that you have a dental cleaning before you start whitening your teeth because plaque and tartar build-up could cause uneven results. We’d rather that you start your whitening program with fresh, clean teeth. This will also give us a better idea of your true baseline shade. We take before and after photos on every patient so you will be able to see the results. This isn’t some kind of bait and switch technique you see on infomercials. We show you your results and are proud to say that even after doing this for years, we still get excited, too!

The next step is taking impressions to create your customized whitening trays. You’ll be provided with the product (we’ll choose the strength that’s right for you) and we’ll show you how to place the whitening gel in the trays. We’ll also instruct you as to how long and how often to wear your trays.

It’s important to follow the directions. Using more gel than is required or wearing your trays for longer than directed won’t speed up or intensify your results; however, it could cause irritation to your gums and sensitive teeth.

How Long Will My Results Last?

One of the exciting things about KöR is that the results are designed to be permanent! This is a huge improvement over other whitening systems – especially the ones that you find in the drugstore. All that will be necessary is occasional home maintenance. You’ll even be able to keep drinking coffee, tea, and red wine!

How Do I Get Started?

Call our office to schedule your consultation appointment! We’re looking forward to chatting with you and helping you find the best way to have a beautiful smile!