Beautiful, Durable Crowns in One Day

Technology has encouraged major advancements in the art of dentistry, which affords us with the opportunity to improve the treatment we provide to our patients. Until recent years, waiting for weeks was a necessary part of having a dental crown because it required the use of a dental lab to create your final restoration.

older couple smiling & hugging with bright smiles I same-day dental crowns fayetteville arSame-Day Dental Crowns

Using E4D technology, we can actually create your dental crown in our Fayetteville dental office in one appointment without the need for temporaries or waiting weeks for a final restoration.

Just because treatment is fast and convenient does not mean that we skimp on quality. On the contrary, E4D crowns often fit better than lab-created crowns because we eliminate the middleman and the entire process happens under the experienced hand of one of our doctors. Their commitment to excellence in dentistry and years of experience provides great results for our patients.

What to Expect with Same-Day Dental Crown Treatment

Like CEREC same-day crowns, E4D utilizes digital impressions. E4D, however, uses laser imaging to capture the image of your tooth, providing more accurate results. Our patients love that they can avoid the gooey impression material of the past and that they don’t have to wait for their dental crown.

With patient comfort on the top of our practice priorities, you can rest assured that your treatment will feel comfortable. We will completely anesthetize your tooth before we begin and make sure that it stays that way over the duration of your procedure.

After removing decay, damaged tooth structure, and any old restoration material, We will take an impression of your tooth. It is important for your new crown to feel comfortable to both adjacent and opposing teeth to protect the integrity of your bite.

With the digital information we upload from our E4D software, your crown will be created out of durable ceramic. We will take a custom shade of your tooth and apply natural-looking coloration and glaze, which will ensure that your new crown matches your other teeth.

The final step includes permanently bonding your crown to your tooth and making any final adjustments to the restoration, so that your bite fits together perfectly.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns Using E4D Technology

In addition to the convenience of receiving a final restoration in one day, E4D crowns also have the following benefits:

  • Durable and long-lasting with proper care
  • Esthetic appearance custom designed
  • Affordable because we eliminate the need for a lab
  • Eliminates old-fashioned impressions (that often distort)

Convenience and quality are important to our patients. Fortunately, you can have both when you join our dental family!

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