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Are Dental Implants Always the Best Choice?

September 24, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Kifer
Dental Impland | Fayetteville AR

At our Fayetteville dental office, we don’t believe that what works for one person will work for another. We approach each patient’s unique condition with an open mind with the goal of providing them with the dental care that will best support their needs and lifestyles.

If you have missing teeth, we have numerous tooth replacement options. You may have heard of the many benefits of dental implants. For patients looking for a long-term solution to complete their smiles, dental implants are a great option to consider. 

Benefits of Dental Implants 

In addition to completing your chewing surface so that you can eat a wide range of healthy foods, dental implants have other benefits as well. 

Aesthetics – Dental implants not only provide stability when it comes to your teeth, they also look great. No one will suspect you have a dental implant because we create the restorations to match your existing smile. 

Bone retention – When you lose teeth, your bone starts a natural resorption process. That means your bone starts to deteriorate at the site of your missing tooth. Implants help maintain the relationship with your bone because they imitate the function of your natural teeth. This can slow down or stop the bone resorption process. 

Implant-supported dentistry – If you have dentures, whether they are full or partial, dental implants may be able to improve your experience. We can create implant – supported bridges and dentures, giving you the extra stability and support you need to speak and eat confidently with out the fear of your ill-fitting dentures moving or falling out. 

Other Tooth Replacement Options 

If you are not a great candidate for dental implants or if you want to explore other options, we have options for you! From partial dentures to dental bridges, we will help you choose the tooth replacement option that makes the most sense for your lifestyle and budget.

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