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Are You Feeling Tooth Sensitivity?

December 4, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Wade Kifer
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Tooth sensitivity can be a real pain. In fact, you might have to avoid some of the foods and beverages you love because your teeth can’t take the cold. In many cases, a special sensitivity toothpaste can help, but addressing the root of the problem can provide lasting relief. 

Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

  • Bruxism – Bruxism, or clenching and grinding your teeth can cause sensitivity because of the added stress to your teeth and bite. Often, a nightguard or an occlusal splint can help relieve the symptoms of bruxism and protect your teeth.
  • Gum recession – When your gums recede, it can expose the sensitive root structure and may be more sensitive to pressure as well as cold temperatures. Fillings or gum grafting can cover that sensitive part of your tooth. 
  • Cracked teeth – Cracked teeth might hurt when you bite down and may be more sensitive to cold temperatures and sugar.
  • You might need a root canal – If you need a root canal, your tooth may suddenly feel sensitive to hot or cold. 
  • Whitening products – If you whiten your teeth too frequently or for too long, you might experience sensitivity. Usually, if you decrease the frequency or duration of whitening, your symptoms will subside. Having additional fluoride treatments or using a desensitizing gel can allow you to continue to whiten your teeth. 
  • Abrasive toothbrushes or pastes – Using a toothbrush that is too hard or toothpastes that have abrasives (many whitening toothpastes do) may result in tooth sensitivity. Always use a soft bristled brush and contact our office for information on toothpastes that won’t cause sensitivity. 

Treating that cause instead of just the symptoms allows us to provide the best oral care for you and your family. 

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