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CAD CAM Dentistry

September 9, 2015
Posted By: DRWade Kifer
CAD CAM Dentistry Fayetteville AR

We are very excited here at Northwest Family Dentist, Dr. Kifer and Dr. Bowen can offer crowns in one visit for most patients.  CAD/CAM dentistry is a specific field of dentistry that uses computer design and manufacturing technology to address various types of restorations.

What is CAD CAM Dentistry?

If the thought of making multiple trips to the dentist to fix a tooth problem, Dr. Kifer and Dr. Bowen have the solution for you.  Using the CAD/CAM technology to make your visit as pain-free and time sensitive as possible.  Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, uses this technology to create a ceramic inlay, onlay, or crown that fits your tooth perfectly in one visit.

How do we do this?  When you come to our office and are a candidate for an E4D (CAD/CAM) restoration, Dr. Kifer and Dr. Bowen will use a small camera to take a 3D digital impression of the tooth that needs to be restored.  Yes, that means no more of those messy impressions!  Dr. Kfer and DR. Bowen use this technology to create a perfect fitting restoration for you in one visit.

The finished restoration/crown is then adhered to your tooth with a bonding material.  The CAD/CAM crown looks and feels just like your natural teeth.

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It's time to say goodbye to messy impressions and temporaries!  Call Dr.Kifer and Dr. Bowen today and see if you are a candidate for an E4D restoration!


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