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Dry Mouth?

May 15, 2016
Posted By: Dr Wade Kifer
Water And Dry Mouth

Saliva is an important part of a healthy mouth, and not having enough saliva or  dry mouth affects millions of people.  Saliva is your mouth's natural defense against bacteria that causes plaque and tooth decay.  Dr. Kifer and Dr. Bowen want everyone to know that dry mouth is also a common cause of bad breath. Some medications also make your mouth dry.  A dry mouth is not ideal for good oral health.

What We Suggest

The team at Northwest Arkansas Family Dental want to let patients know if you have dry mouth there are things you can do to help combat it.

1. Water- keep drinking plenty of water.  Water is the best thing to sip on throughout the day.  Water had no sugar or calories so it is perfect for keeping your mouth moist.  

2. Try not to be a mouth breather.  We know it's not always easy, if possible pay attention when you are just sitting around or driving, make sure your mouth is closed.  That keeps the moisture in.

3. Gum, yes gum, as long as it is sugar-free is a great way to produce saliva in your mouth.  While chewing gum new bacteria-fighting saliva is produced.

What We Can Do

If dry mouth persists, let us know!  At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we have other solutions like special mouthwash and toothpaste that have helped many other patients fighting dry mouth.

Call us today and we can help!

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