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Instilling Healthy Dental Habits in Children

October 28, 2019
Posted By: Northwest Arkansas Family Dental

At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we treat patients of all ages, including children. We like to see them around the time their first tooth erupts, and we always work hard to build a trusting relationship with our youngest dental patients. Your child’s Fayetteville, AR dentist is also available to provide great tips for at-home oral care, too.

We have found that positive associations with the dentist and dental health lead to healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Your Fayetteville, AR Dentist Can Help

Your dentist in Fayetteville, along with his team, is great with children—offering praise and prizes for effort. We encourage and show pride in our youngest patients when they practice good oral hygiene at home. This influence often carries over to a great brushing and flossing routine.

From an early age, we familiarize children with the sights and sounds of a fun dental office. We also show you how to brush your child’s teeth effectively. And we make age-appropriate recommendations for when you can allow your child to brush on his or her own.

At-Home Dental Care for Children

We recommend allowing your child to select his or her own toothbrush and toothpaste—a favorite cartoon character design or a flavored toothpaste. The American Dental Association approves many character-decorated toothbrushes. This approach may encourage your child to brush more often.

Also, make sure to praise your child for his or her good oral care habits.

Put a particular emphasis, too, on the tooth fairy—the tooth fairy certainly prefers to pull a cavity-free tooth from beneath your child’s pillow!

It is always crucial to associate positivity around dental care to encourage children!

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