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June - Men's Health Month

June 2, 2015
Posted By: Dr Wade Kifer
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Did you know that men are less likely than women to take care of their dental health as well as their overall health?  Well they are!  Dr KIfer and Dr Bowen want to make sure especially  this month we encourage men to visit NWA Family Dental for their check up.  Research has shown that men don't live as long as women, and what we know is that in recent studies good oral health has led to longevity.

Oral Health in Men 

Men are more likely to develop oral and throat cancer, as well as gum disease.  At NWA Family Dental we want to help men get healthy and stay healthy with regular dental exams and check ups.

Researchers have found a connection between cardiovascular disease and gum disease, which can place patients at a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.  The team at NWA Family Dentist recommends looking for these symptoms: bleeding gums, red swollen gums, bad breath, and loose teeth.  If you have any of these symptoms give us a call.

Trust our Fayetteville Dental Office!

Dr Kifer and Dr Bowen also want to remind patients to let us know what medications you are on.  Many medications have a side effect of causing dry mouth.  Saliva helps reduce bacteria that causes decay.  Ask our team about things we can do to help combat dry mouth.

Dr Kifer and Dr Bowen recommend everyone see a dentist on a regular basis, but in June we want to focus on the men.  Sometimes just being male makes  you less likely to take care of your dental needs.  At NWA Family Dental you will be very comfortable in our office.  Our entire team is dedicated to excellent customer service and gentle dentistry.

To all the men out there, now is the time to start taking better care of your oral health!  Give us a call today and let's get you scheduled! 

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