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Nutrition and Your Teeth

March 3, 2016
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In Fayetteville, AR, people could be concerned after they learn the effects of our drinks have on our teeth.  Whether it is coffee, sweet tea, or carbonated drinks the damage is real.  Especially when sipping these drinks over time, the results can be worse than eating a sweet dessert! Cavities are the single most prevalent disease in the world, and they can not only lead to root damage, gum infections and an eventual loss of teeth, but are often an indicator of other health problems.

National Nutrition Month and Oral Health

March is National Nutrition Month, and Dr. Kifer and Dr. Bowen are determined to educate people on how they can make healthier choices to benefit both their mouth and their body as a whole. A few critical factors are the amount of sugar, the acidity level of your nutritional choices, and how much time your teeth spend in contact with these harmful chemicals: the longer the exposure, the worse the damage will be.

Identifying what your bad habits are is the first step towards improving your dental nutrition. One of the worst culprits is soda, which is now the primary source of sugar in the American diet and studies show that people who drink more than two sodas each day have 62% more dental decay, fillings, and tooth loss.

There are, however, more conspicuous offenders, including cough drops, fruit juice, sports drinks, honey, liqueurs, and even bread. It can all get confusing, but if there is any substance that you have in your mouth for a long time throughout the day, it is probably damaging your teeth.

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