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Is Professional Teeth Whitening Safe?

August 20, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Kifer
Professional Teeth Whitening | Fayetteville 72703

Having stained teeth can make you feel self-conscious about smiling and since your smile can be your greatest asset and the first thing people notice about you, feeling self-conscious about it can really hold you back.

Patients often come to us wanting to improve the appearance of their smiles, but feel hesitation because of rumors they may have heard about teeth whitening and problems that it can cause. Many whitening mishaps and mixed results come from over-the-counter products that are not as reliable or effective as those you can get from your dentist.

At our Fayetteville dental office, we did extensive research on behalf of our patients to find the best whitening system available. After being dissatisfied with other systems in the past, we decided on the Kor Whitening – Deep Bleaching System because it provided us with the consistent and safe results we were looking for.

The truth is that for most healthy patients, professional teeth whitening is very safe. In fact, most people do not experience side effects at all and for the patients who do experience them, they are usually due to improper or excessive use of the whitening product. The most common side effect is tooth sensitivity and is easily solved by anti-sensitivity treatments, fluoride treatments, special toothpastes, and taking a break from whitening.

When we chose to use Kor Whitening in our office, it was because the instances of side effects were reduced over other brands. Not only that, but your results will last longer and require only occasional home touch-ups to keep your beautiful white smile dazzling. That way, you can share your friendly smile with the world and feel proud of the impression you create.

If you have questions about professional teeth whitening, contact our dental office and set up a consultation where we can discuss if whitening will work well for you. 

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