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Does Teeth Whitening Always Cause Sensitivity?

August 31, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Beth Bowen

If you whiten your teeth and suddenly feel sensitivity, there could be a few reasons that caused your discomfort. If you have not yet reached your ideal shade, but the sensitivity you are experiencing is preventing you from continuing treatments, contact our Fayetteville dental office with all of your teeth whitening questions. We are here to help.

Teeth have microscopic pores that absorb stains. Most teeth whitening products use either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide and sometimes the treatment can stimulate your nerve. Fortunately, this is a temporary side effect.

Too Much Whitening Gel

When you receive your teeth whitening kit from our office, you will also receive detailed instructions on how to use it properly. It is not uncommon for patients to get excited when whitening their teeth and to think that more must be better. 

In the case of teeth bleaching products, that is not the case. Using too much may mean it seeps onto your gums and causes irritation. If you have gum recession, it can feel quite painful with cold air or when brushing your teeth.

We use KöR whitening, which is known for minimizing sensitivity. Using it properly will help.

Leaving Your Trays in for Too Long

Performing multiple treatments per day or leaving your whitening trays in for an extended period of time can mean a painful zap of sensitivity. Try taking a break from treatment for a day or two to allow your teeth to recover. Ultimately, you’ll be much happier.

You Are More Prone to Sensitivity

Patients with thinning enamel or gum recession often experience more sensitivity. We offer treatments to minimize the problem.

Fluoride treatment – Using a fluoride varnish on exposed roots can lead to less sensitivity.

Desensitizing gel – Along with teeth whitening gels, desensitizers are also available. These can prevent painful nerve reactions to teeth bleaching products.

Give our team a call to discuss making teeth whitening more comfortable.

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