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KöR Teeth Whitening vs. Zoom

June 6, 2022
Posted By: Northwest Arkansas Family Dental

Are you considering professional teeth whitening in Fayetteville, AR?

At Northwest Arkansas Family Dental, we have tried various professional teeth whitening systems over the years, and we have learned that our patients prefer KöR. This system provides dramatic results, and we feel it provides a whiter smile long-term.

Before we compare Zoom! to KöR, let’s explore teeth whitening, including what it is and how it can benefit you.

Reasons for Professional Teeth Whitening in Fayetteville

If you take excellent care of your teeth—brushing, flossing, visiting the dentist for checkups, and teeth cleanings—tooth stains can be incredibly frustrating.

And if you’re like a lot of people, you’ve tried over-the-counter remedies only to be disappointed with lackluster or uneven results. You may have even experienced tooth pain and enamel damage.

These are good reasons to consider professional teeth whitening, which can be used alone or as part of a full smile makeover. For example, you may want to get rid of brown or yellow tooth stains if you have an upcoming event—a wedding, family reunion, vacation, or portrait sitting.

Your Fayetteville dentist can talk to you about what to expect following teeth whitening in our dental office, so you can make an informed decision about moving forward with treatment.

Learn Whether You’re a Good Candidate for Professional Teeth Whitening

Of course, the first step is learning whether teeth whitening is an option for your smile. Your dentist considers everything, including restorations and the health of your teeth and gums. These issues do not necessarily rule you out for teeth whitening, but your dentist may recommend pretreatments or specialized application techniques of the whitening product—teeth whitening systems do not lighten restorations or prosthetics.

One essential and standard pretreatment is professional teeth cleaning before whitening. The cleaning allows the product to better penetrate tooth enamel for a superior result.

If your dentist gives the okay and you decide to move forward with professional teeth whitening, we schedule your treatment.

Professional Teeth Whitening as Part of a Smile Makeover

Many patients are surprised by the dramatic and transformative results following a professional teeth whitening treatment. Often, it is enough to make someone fall in love with their new smile.

However, if you have crooked or worn teeth, you may consider other options for cosmetic dentistry in Fayetteville, AR.

  • Dental veneers for a Hollywood-caliber smile
  • Dental bonding to conceal tooth flaws affordably
  • Tooth-colored restorations to restore aesthetics and function
  • Dental implants to complete your smile
  • Invisalign to straighten teeth and close gaps
  • Full mouth reconstruction to provide a healthy and beautiful smile

With a smile makeover, your dentist meticulously plans treatment based on your smile goals. And we typically start with teeth whitening because it allows you to choose whiter and brighter restorations and replacement tooth colors.

KöR Teeth Whitening in Fayetteville Compared to Zoom!

The KöR Whitening System helps your teeth absorb oxygen and is a deep bleaching system. When oxygen penetrates the tooth enamel, it releases stains, giving you a whiter and brighter smile. This system is a custom at-home kit, allowing you to whiten or touch up your smile periodically. KöR can lighten teeth up to 16 shades and is considered a more permanent option.

Zoom! relies on whitening gel and a special lamp to brighten your teeth. Often Zoom! is faster—about an hour in the dental chair—though both options are relatively quick. However, Zoom! results may not be as dramatic compared with KöR or as lasting.  

As noted, we have used various teeth whitening systems in our dental office, but the KöR Whitening System continues to give our patients the results they’ve been looking for—often exceeding their expectations. KöR is even known to lift away Tetracycline discoloration!

And when it comes to our patients, nothing but the best will do!

Maintaining Your Teeth Whitening Results

KöR is considered a more permanent option, but that doesn’t mean your teeth can’t be newly stained through lifestyle choices like:

  • Smoking and tobacco use, including chewing tobacco
  • High consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, and bright sauces
  • Aging, poor oral hygiene, and certain medications

Fortunately, you’ll have your custom trays at home to whiten your smile as needed.

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