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Has it Been a Long Time Since You Visited the Dentist?

October 19, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Wade Kifer
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Has time gotten away from you and before you realized it, you missed a few dental appointments? Perhaps the economy made things a little tight or maybe a fear of the dentist has kept you away for too long. We understand. We know that people often stay away from the dentist inadvertently and before you know it, it’s been years and you start noticing changes like sore bleeding gums or bad breath.

No Guilt or Judgment at our Fayetteville Office

At our Fayetteville, AR dental office, we will never make you feel guilty for coming back to the dentist. We know that everyone has their reasons for staying away. When you come to us, we will focus on how to help you get back on track so you can avoid a dental emergency or unexpected treatment.

Our entire team is completely dedicated to making you feel welcome and comfortable as you take the first important step toward getting healthy again.

We Take it One Step at a Time

If Dr. Kifer finds that you could benefit from treatment, he will help you make sound decisions that will benefit your health for a lifetime. We know that when you have dentistry, you would prefer to have it only once, so we provide the highest quality restorations and tooth replacement options. We never cut corners when it comes to our patients. From the very simplest restorations, like fillings, to full mouth reconstruction, we will meet all of your needs in a comfortable and caring environment. 

Ongoing Preventative Care 

We can custom design a preventative treatment plan to protect your dentistry, your teeth, and your gums. Regular professional cleanings and exams are the best insurance against the most common dental problems like decay and gum disease. A small commitment on the front end can help you avoid serious dental problems in the future. 

Even if you are nervous about the dentist, we will go at your pace so that you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

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