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I have a chipped tooth. Can you fix it?

Accidents happen, and sometimes these mishaps can damage teeth. However, chipped teeth are a relatively common occurrence, and our dentists are experienced in treating chipped and cracked teeth. 

If your tooth gets chipped, it is essential to have it treated by your Fayetteville dentist, even if it is small and doesn't hurt. Compromised enamel opens the tooth up to cavities and other types of damage or infection.

Can My Chipped Tooth Be Fixed?

First, the dentist will need to examine the tooth to see the extent of the damage, but yes, the chipped tooth can be fixed. What the situation will call for depends on each unique situation. 

Fixing a chipped tooth may only require a small filling or dental bonding to restore the tooth's appearance and function. 

More significant chips that reach deeper into the tooth may require additional treatment, such as dental crowns.

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Do you need treatment to fix a chipped tooth in Fayetteville?

Northwest Arkansas Family Dental provides treatment for chipped teeth to the greater Fayetteville, AR area and its neighbors. If you are seeking treatment, please contact us today so that we can help you get dental care as soon as possible.

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