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How do I clean my dentures?

Your Fayetteville, AR dentist offers dentures, partials, and implant-supported dentures to help patients enjoy full and functional smiles. But the upkeep of your new smile is vital to its function and longevity.

Let’s look at a few tips to help you keep your dentures clean and talk about what can happen if you neglect their upkeep.

3 Ways to Keep Your Dentures Clean

When dentures are not cleaned properly, bacteria can collect in the various nooks, leading to oral health complications and damage to the prosthetic. For these reasons, we recommend the following tips to keep your dentures clean and in top shape.

#1 Brush Your Dentures

Toothpaste is too harsh for dentures, and regular toothbrushes may not clean your prosthetic effectively. So instead, we recommend a denture brush and denture paste, sold in your local drugstore. These products are specifically designed for denture cleaning.

#2 Give Your Denture a Bath

Denture baths are typically plastic containers with lids. You can fill the container with room-temperature water and soak your denture overnight to get rid of buildup and debris. You can also add a special disinfectant tablet to the container to rid your prosthetic of germs, odors, and bacteria.

#3 Professional Denture Cleaning

It is a good idea to have your dentures professionally cleaned by your Fayetteville dentist at least once per year. This allows your dentist to evaluate your gums and the integrity of your prosthetic. A professional denture cleaning can also lift stains and help control stubborn denture odor when the prosthetic is not cleaned thoroughly.

What Happens if I Don’t Clean My Denture Very Often?

If you don’t clean your dentures often enough—at least once or twice daily—you risk infection and cosmetic damage to your prosthetic.

Fungal Infections

Without regular cleanings, you run the risk of infection. These infections can be painful, causing yeast to form on tissues beneath your denture. Areas include the palate and gums. If the fungal infection becomes severe, you may not be able to wear your dentures for a while as the gums heal. You’ll also require anti-fungal medications to eradicate the yeast.

Mouth Wounds

Failure to clean your dentures can also lead to mouth sores. This is caused by debris and food particles collecting between your prosthetics and natural tissues. Over time, mouth sores can become ulcers, and you’ll have to take a break from wearing your dentures.

Gum Disease

Of course, dentures cannot decay or become infected, but your gums can! So it’s important to remember that clean dentures mean healthier gums, which lowers your risks for infections and gum disease.

Denture Stains

Without proper cleaning, dentures can stain and lose their white appearance. Trying to clear these stains away can damage your prosthetic, altering its shape and color—even the artificial gum shade! It is better to reduce stain risks than try to treat them later.

Are You Considering Professional Denture Cleaning in Fayetteville, AR?

If you have any questions about your dentures, or if you’re considering a professional denture cleaning, we invite you to contact our friendly dental team today.  

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