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For how long will my crown be sensitive?

The amount of sensitivity you feel after a crown will vary, as will the length of time you will notice that your tooth feels extra sensitive. In general, the closer we get to the root portion of the tooth when preparing it to receive the crown, the greater the chance that you’ll feel sensitivity.

It can also depend on the reason for the dental crown. If you come to our office with a toothache and we perform a root canal then place a crown on the treated tooth, the affected area might be sensitive and a bit uncomfortable for a few days after the procedure.

Are dental crowns sensitive?

Regardless of the reason, crown sensitivity is quite common. Most patients can expect it to last for about a week or two after getting treatment. If the pain lasts beyond that, be sure to give us a call, and we can take a look to ensure the sensitivity is not coming from an adjacent tooth. If you notice pain when you bite down on the new crown, it might need to be adjusted, and we can also take care of this.

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