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Is dental insurance worth buying?

Dental insurance is kind of a misnomer.

How is dental insurance different?

Most insurance plans have a deductible and then cover most of the expenses after you have met your deductible. This is how car, home, and most health insurance work. Dental insurance is different. We like to refer to it as a benefit plan. It usually covers your preventative procedures like prophylaxis (cleanings) and exams and then pays less or not at all when major procedures are needed. They usually put limits on treatment payouts of around one thousand or fifteen hundred dollars. This is far less than most other types of insurance. 

It is up to your employer (or whoever is paying for the insurance) to determine your benefits and maximum payable amounts. The insurance company will usually sell a plan that covers more of the major procedures, but the cost of the plan will go up. Each company offers different plans, and it is up to you to look at what the cost to you is and the benefit that you will receive.

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