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How long does a full reconstruction take?

Full reconstructions are the most lengthy dental procedures offered. But patients are duly rewarded for their patience and time investment with a huge payoff. A new smile can change a patient's life in significant ways.

Not only will they be able to eat and drink like they once did, but it creates a stark difference in appearance. For many patients, it allows their lives to return to normal. 

Each patient's full reconstruction will be unique based on their individual needs. For example, some patients may need procedures like extractions or treatment for periodontal disease before they can begin reconstruction, which will add time to the process.

How Long Will It Take To Rebuild A Smile?

To get an accurate estimate of how long it might take between the individual procedures, the healing, and the follow-up checkups, we have to know a lot of the facts for a full dental reconstruction.

This means that each patient will have to come into our dental office and sit down with our dentist for a thorough examination and a discussion about the patient's goals and dental needs.

We can create a more accurate timeline of a patient's completion of a full reconstruction from the information we collect.

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