Dentures and Partials in Fayetteville, AR

dentures fayetteville arWe use dentures when you are missing all of your teeth and we need to replace them.  Some of our patients will refer to this as a dental "plate."  A partial denture is used when you still have some of your teeth and we use your teeth to hold the partial denture in place.  This is what we refer to as a partial.  Having some of your teeth allows more stability than a traditional denture. 

Our Process For Dentures

 We do not do dentures in a day. Instead, our dentures and partials are custom-made where you actually get to look at them and make changes in them before the final product is delivered. We work with the best laboratory artists in the world and we are able to deliver teeth that look life-like. We don't want your friends to look at you and know that you have "dentures."

How Partials & Dentures Can Benefit You

Dental Implants can also be used to stabilize dentures and partials. This gives you the confidence to smile, talk, and eat without worrying that your teeth are going to fall out.  Implants allow us to snap in your dentures and partials so that they are secure and don't fall out while eating.  This procedure is very predictable and our patients really love it when they get their confidence back to smile and eat again.

Call us at 479 310-8945 if you would like a consult on replacing your missing teeth with dentures and or partial dentures.  We will also be happy to talk to you about dental implants to help stabilize the dentures or partials.