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Make Brushing and Flossing Fun for Your Child

July 18, 2016
Posted By: Northwest Arkansas Family Dental
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If you get nothing but complaints and resistance when it comes to getting your kids to brush their teeth, you might be wondering what you can do encourage them to develop good oral care habits. If explaining the importance of good dental hygiene isn’t enough, there are ways you can make brushing and flossing fun for your child. Let’s talk about ways to make it fun for your children in between visits to their kid's dentist in Fayetteville.

Building Oral Care Habits with Children

  • Make a Game Out of BrushingWhen your child is very young, let him or her have a toothbrush to play with. Kids enjoy pretend-brushing their stuffed animals or dolls while you help brush theirs. Cheer on each tooth by number after it is brushed, by saying something like “the number 1 tooth is clean and bright!” Use a sticker chart for rewards after each successful brushing. Check out some of the available apps that make brushing fun. There are apps that play two minutes of music to ensure your children are brushing for the recommended time. Other fun apps let your kids pick a character that offers them encouragement while they are brushing. Check your app store for other ideas.
  • Make Brushing Special: Take your child along to peruse the toothbrush aisle at your local store. Perhaps picking out a favorite character themed toothbrush will inject a bit of enthusiasm into the brushing process. There are a plethora of flavored toothpastes as well. There is much more out there than just mint! Strawberry, bubblegum, berry—let your child pick out his or her favorite. When it comes time to brush, do it yourself alongside your child. Put on some music and dance around while you brush. Make funny faces in the mirror. Brushing doesn’t have to be boring! r in the mirror.
  • Offer Rewards for Brushing: Don’t look at it as bribing, but rather rewarding for good oral hygiene habits. Your reward at the end of a work week is a paycheck. Give your kids something as a reward for a good week of brushing and flossing. A small trinket, book, or sticker can go a long way in motivating young children to brush like they are supposed to.

Kid's Dentist in Fayetteville AR 

Talk to your kid's dentist in Fayetteville about other ideas for making brushing and flossing fun. Give us a call today! Encouraging good dental practices does not have to be a chore that everyone hates. Make it a favorite part of the day!

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