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What to Do When Your Child's Baby Teeth Come In?

June 23, 2016
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You may not even notice it at first, that little white bud that is suddenly visible on your baby’s gum. Chances are, though, you will start noticing at least one white bud if your baby is between four and six months of age. This marks the beginning of “teething” for your child. With teething often comes a lot of crankiness as erupting teeth can be a painful business. So what should you do when your little once reaches this rite of passage and starts having baby teeth come in?

When Your Baby Gets That First Tooth

Your child might still be all gums, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about their future dental care. One of the ways you can prepare them is to begin to stimulate their gums on a daily basis. You can do this by wrapping your finger in a clean, damp washcloth and rubbing your finger over your baby’s gums gently. This is a good gum stimulator and a good precursor to tooth brushing when those teeth finally come in.

You’ll probably first see a white bump on the bottom of your child’s mouth, as the two middle teeth on the bottom are usually the first to erupt. Before long, you will probably notice the top two coming in. Teeth tend to erupt in sets of two.

When Teeth Soreness Starts

The first indicator that your baby’s teeth are starting to grow in might be crankiness and sleeplessness. Your child might also start drooling a lot at this time. The first tooth eruptions tend to be the worst for your baby, and the entire teeth process usually lasts for the first few years of your baby’s life. One way to help ease the pain of teeth is to offer your child something to chew on. Cold things, such as teething rings and clean washcloths that are kept in the freezer, can provide relief when your child chews on them. They also provide a bit of a numbing effect, helping to alleviate the pain.

Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment at our Fayetteville AR Office

Once your child has teeth, it’s time to look for a kids dentist in Fayetteville. Give us a call today. We look forward to providing dental care to your entire family!

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