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Has Your Child Been Sipping Sugar Water?

November 25, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Meg Johnson
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Today, we have so much information about nutrition that making healthier choices is easy – vegetables, fruit, and lean proteins are a great place to start. If your child still has cavities in spite of the many changes you have made to keep your family healthy, you might want to examine the labels on their favorite drinks.

Common Sugar-Filled Beverages

Fruit juice – Fruit juice can be a great source of vitamin C and tastes good too. Eating the whole fruit is a better option because of the fiber and chewing involved. You get to enjoy the nutritional benefits of the whole fruit, not just the juice. 

Many fruit juices have added sugar and when combined with the acid found in most fruit, it can cause damage to the enamel protecting your child’s teeth.

Soft drinks – Kids love sugar and resisting their pleas for soda and soft drinks might be a challenge. Soft drinks have a sugar-acid combination that softens enamel and can lead to cavities.

What Is a Better Choice?

Water is always the best choice to stay hydrated and protect teeth. Training your child to choose water over sugary beverages can serve them, and their teeth, for a lifetime.

Milk can be a healthy option as well. It is important to remember that anything other than water will leave a residue on teeth and should be cleaned before bed. Leave the milk-filled bottle aside at bedtime and only offer water after your child has brushed their teeth for the evening.

Why Baby Teeth Are Important

Even if your child still has their baby teeth, it’s important to remember that they are not “disposable” teeth just because they will fall out and make way for their permanent teeth.

Baby teeth help with speech development, eating, and your child’s self-confidence. They are also the blueprint for their permanent smile and losing baby teeth too soon may result in a misaligned bite.

If you want a kids dentist in Fayetteville who will help you keep your little one healthy, give us a call! We welcome families to join our dental family.

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