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Elements of a Dental Cleaning

June 27, 2016
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It’s pretty standard among dentists that it is recommended for most people to go in for a professional dental cleaning at least twice each year. Even if you practice the best oral care at home, a professional cleaning will clean beyond the areas you can reach at home. In addition, a dental cleaning usually means a dental exam, so you’ll not only have clean teeth and gums but you will have knowledge about the state of your mouth. In dentistry, it’s always best to prevent problems rather than treat them later, so regular dental care and cleanings will ensure that you can stay on top of any potential issues.

Has it been a while since you have had a dental cleaning in Fayetteville? Let’s quickly review what the elements are of a dental cleaning.

A Routine Cleaning at Your Dentist

In most cases when you go in for a dental cleaning, your teeth will be checked over first by a dental hygienist. He or she will probably want to take x-rays (usually once each year) to view problems that cannot be detected by the naked eye. These will also be shared with your dentist.

The cleaning itself is a painless procedure that involves the hygienist using specialized dental tools to eliminate any plaque on your teeth that you may not have been able to reach—even with the most diligent flossing and brushing. Your teeth will be polished after this, and you can usually choose the flavor of the paste that will be used.

After the cleaning, you will probably notice that your teeth appear to be somewhat whiter and brighter. It’s not just your imagination! Superficial stains will usually come off your teeth in a professional cleaning, improving their appearance. Your teeth will also feel very smooth when you run your tongue over them.

An Examination By Your Dentist

After your teeth have been cleaned, your dentist might come in to examine your teeth if this has been scheduled as part of your cleaning. He or she will look at the x-rays and do a visual check for any signs of decay, gum disease, and other potential issues. Any restorations, such as fillings, crowns, or dental implants, will also be checked. If you are having any kind of dental issues, this is the time to discuss those with your dentist.

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