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Are my child's favorite drinks ruining their oral health?

School Children | children's dentist fayettevilleTreats like apple juice and orange juice seem like healthy alternatives for kids, but they should remain just that – a treat. When thinking of fruit juice, conscientious parents likely consider all of the vitamins packed within a small sippy cup of juice. The truth is much different. 

Children’s dentistry in Fayetteville encompasses both good practices and accurate information.

How Dental Decay Develops

Dental decay starts with a combination of bacteria and sugar. Sugar, the most easily digestible and accessible form of energy, fuels the reproduction of bacteria. As a result, an acidic environment forms in the mouth. Acid softens enamel, the protective covering on the teeth, and a cavity develops.

By drinking fruit juices and soda, kids get a double whammy of acid – both the acid in the drink and the acid from the bacteria – and kids are at a greater risk of developing decay.

What to Drink Instead

The healthiest drink is still good, old-fashioned tap water. As long as the water in your municipality is of high quality, you get the benefits of hydration and the added fluoride that protects teeth.

Juice and soda should be reserved as a special treat for a time at the movies, parties, and other special occasions.

Why Eating Fruit Is Still a Good Idea

Fruit in its whole form is not as concentrated. It also contains natural plant matter that has fiber and assists with digestion. While some fruit is more cavity-causing than others, it will always be a healthier choice to eat the whole fruit than a processed form of the fruit.

How to Prevent Cavities

Eating a healthy diet, practicing good home hygiene, and opting for cavity prevention treatments such as fluoride and sealants will assist in keeping cavities in check. Of course, regular dental exams and cleanings are also important to a healthy smile. Talk to us at your next routine visit. We offer children’s dentistry in Fayetteville to help you keep every member of your family healthy and smiling.

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